We're live!

Today is August 22nd, 2017 and after almost a year of planning, shooting, and editing (not to mention a whole lot of other stuff crazy stuff like stalking various Salvation Army stores for cool vintage toys, knocking on doors of strangers to ask if we could pick some flowers from their yard to shoot, obsessing over the placement of 1,000 different sprinkles, marbles, leaves, gummy bears, army men etc, attempting to keep the "perfect" fern alive in a jar of water in our van during a four hour road trip, so SO many cups of coffee made in an effort to get the perfect dark to light color gradient, trying to figure out how to operate a home postage machine????) we are finally launching our site today- hooray!!

What started as a couple photos CJ created to help decorate our new home became the collection of bright and colorful images you see here today.  This site has truly been a labor of love for us.  It hasn't been easy to try and fit in all it takes to get a business up and running- especially with life, kids, and our day jobs to manage as well.  We did the majority of the work for this site- planning, shooting, and editing- after the kids went to bed.  Though it was exhausting, it was also pretty exhilarating to work on something together (and we totally never fought about anything- not one time :).  CJ was always saying that if we could just resist the urge to sit down on the couch and watch Game of Thrones after a long day and instead do a little work on the site, however small, we'd eventually get it done!  So today is a happy day for us and I think I speak for both of us when I say we hope the images on our site make you happy too!

*And also, we are TOTALLY going to spend some serious time on the couch tonight, champagne (Lauren) and scotch (CJ) in hand, catching up on Game of Thrones!

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