About Us

We are CJ and Lauren Benninger, the husband and wife team behind PhotoPop Prints.

We're passionate about bringing our customers original photography with an exciting visual impact! Every image on this site is a fine art photograph, created by us and shot by CJ specifically for this space.

Our belief is that the art you choose to have in your life should be original, captivating, fun - and affordable. Children's toys, our favorite foods (yay for donuts and gummy bears!), and materials from nature are just some of the items we have curated to bring you the bold and bright images you see on this site. 

We are a small, two person business that strives to add a little color and life to the world, one photo at a time!

CJ Benninger has been a professional photographer for over 15 years.  The work you see on this site was conceived and created by CJ and his wife Lauren, and photographed in his signature style. You can find out more about CJ's work at www.photocj.com.